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How are Stair Lifts Installed?

Stair lifts or chair lifts as they are often known are designed to make it possible for users with disabilities to go up and down the stairs of their homes with ease. They come in several varieties and may be DC or AC powered. The type depends on your particular requirements and the type of stairway that you plan to install the machine on. For example, if your home has curved stairs, a stair lift with tracks that are designed to run around them is your best option. The same goes for straight stair lifts for straight stairs.

In other words, if you are considering buying a stair lift its best that you know how it will be installed as well. The straight variety is easy to install for most homeowner. However if you have a curved stairway its best that you let the professionals handle it. The manufacturer that you buy your chosen model will also offer installation services.


Whether you plan on a solo installation or leave it to the professionals, there are a few aspects that you need to keep in mind. Before the process can begin measure the entire length of the stairway. This will help determine how much track you need to lay out.

Also, contrary to popular belief, stair lifts are not installed on the side of the railing or banister. They are anchored to the wall on the side of the stairs. This also allows other people enough space to traverse or climb down the stairs while the stair lift is in use.

Each new model comes with a manual and installation instructions. Remove all of the parts from the packaging first. The lower track needs to be installed first. Lay it on the length of the stairs and screw in the brackets that come with the kit. Make sure that the track is laid evenly. The stair lift will get stuck at the part where the track isn’t straight. You do not want to dismantle the entire contraption again after all of your hard work.

Next is the installation of the call box wiring. The wiring should run underneath the track that is just installed. Some brands offer clips to secure the wiring. Make sure that the call boxes are placed in areas that are easy to reach. Next, align the track that is supposed to go above with the lower track. After this track is secured, the base of the seat goes between the two tracks. Secure the seat properly. It is supposed to carry the weight of a person and you don’t want it jarring loose midway.

The pulley and chain system needs to be installed next in which the chain is fed through the middle of the track. A part of it goes on the right and a part on the left. The parts are equal in length. The seat itself is to be installed on the base next. The screws must be put in place by keeping the weight of the person who will use the stair lift in mind. Make sure that the screws of the seat are secured tightly before you test the chair.

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