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Curved Stair Lifts 101

Are the stairs in your home curved and you are only familiar with stair lifts that are designed for straight stairs? Have no fear; some stair lifts are also designed for stairs that curve and can easily transfer a disabled or elderly individual from the ground floor all the way up to the third or above. How do curved stair lifts work? Are they worth the cost? Here is what you need to know —

What is a Curved Stair Lift?

You can’t reconstruct the curved stairs in your home in order to incorporate a stair lift that is only designed to run on straight stairways. As the name implies, a curved stair lift is designed to move around corners. It can even travel up or down spiral stairways. The design incorporates a curved rail system that allows it to run around bends in a curved stairway. This makes it an ideal investment in a multi-story home of a disabled individual. If you or a disabled member of your family is planning on making such a product a part of the décor, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration –

How do they Work?

Curved stair lifts come in a variety of functionalities and sizes. The type you ultimately choose will depend on these factors. Since the stairs in your home are curved, your investment will be made to measure in a factory and customized in order to ensure that it rides the rails smoothly. The tracks themselves can also be customized according to any layout as well even if your stairway design is more complex as compared to regular standards.

Safety is an essential element especially when it comes to stair lifts that are customized to run on curved stairs. Your investment must come with gentle stop and start options. A rechargeable battery also ensures that the stair lift does not strand its occupant midway during an unexpected power outage.

A curved stair lift can be a valuable investment that can serve you well in the long run. Don’t know where to order a curved stair lift that can fit in the dimensions of your home? Fill out this short form and a stair lift consultant in your area will contact you about your problems.

On Which Side Will it be Installed on?

One of the many benefits of a curved stair lift is that it can be fitted on either side of a flight of stairs. The layout of your stairs should help you determine which side you want your investment to be installed on. Keep in mind, the stair lift should not encounter any obstructions while it goes up or down. The tracks can suit any type of stair layout so this shouldn’t be too hard to handle. Keep other aspects such as the type of landing in mind as well. For example, the final installation will depend on whether your stairs have a half, full or spiral landing. Curved stair lifts are designed to run along a range of landings which is also what makes them so convenient.