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If you are looking for a stair lift for your home, has the answer. We can connect you to a local stair lift consultant in your area.

What are Stair Lifts and why do you Need Them?

A stair lift is a special type of mobility equipment that is specifically designed to transport a person up and down a flight of stairs. The machine is usually composed of a chair that is connected to a track and is electrically powered. Some models also allow users to stand as the lift is in motion and even come with batteries that keep a lift operable for a few runs. This prevents a user from being stranded midway if the power happens to go out. Simple controls allow users to stop or operate their investment easily.

Why you Need A Stair Lift Expert

A stair lift can be a valuable investment in your home. There can be several reasons why you might need it. Climbing the stairs can be a challenge for an elderly individual or a person who suffers from mobility problems. The best solution for them is to avoid the stairs. A stair lift consultant can help you locate a service that can sell and install a suitable stair lift for your needs.

Stair Lift for the Elderly

Conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis make it almost impossible for an elderly individual to climb the stairs of his house. The prospect becomes even more problematic if the said elderly individual happens to live alone. As a result such people are often compelled to move into homes that only have single floors. Their children often worry about them but their own responsibilities prevent them from living with their parents. Install a stair lift in their home and your loved ones won’t have to worry about you injuring yourself as you climb the stairs to your bedroom on the second floor.

Stair Lifts for the Disabled

There might be a disabled individual in the family who has trouble climbing the stairs of your home unassisted. The task may seem like second nature to an able bodied person. However, it is almost impossible for a person who suffers from depth perception issues or severe disabilities. Find the best stair lift brands at We can help you locate the best stair lift manufacturers and services in your area. With a stair lift in your home you —

  • Never have to move into a single storey home
  • Keep your freedom and independence
  • Can use the stairs safely
  • Never have to negotiate stairs with a disability
  • Can conserve energy in a delicate state
Are your stairs curved? Worried that a stair lift isn’t an option for you? Fortunately, a stair lift can also be fitted onto stairs that are at 180 degrees angle. We can help you find the best brands. If you are looking for a stair lift that will last you and your family for life, complete the short form at the top of the page and a stair lift expert in your area will contact you soon.